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success and failure and anticipation



I really love selling our produce at Kootenay Coop.  Every time I make a delivery I can’t help but think back to the first time that moving to this area really crossed my mind. I was living at OUR EcoVillage, and we hosted a GMO symposium with Jon Steinman as the keynote speaker. He talked about Nelson and the local food movement and this great local grocery store with all the passion I now realize comes pretty standard around here. This place sounded quaint and exceptional, and looking back I think that’s when the first little seed was planted. Five years later, I’m living in the Slocan Valley, running my own farm business, and the Kootenay Coop is buying my vegetables!

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Have you ever lived and farmed with one of your very best friends? It’s the best! This is what we look like all the time around here! (almost true)

It’s pretty easy to celebrate our successes and post really beautiful and romantic pictures of farm life (especially when we’ve got a photography pro hanging around capturing all the right moments). But sometimes we are failing.  There are vegetable-scale disasters on a daily basis.  The shelling peas are struggling very hard against weavils, and I really don’t know what else I can do to help them. It might be a pealess winter around here. And this is what the carrots looked like earlier this week:


On a bigger farm beds like that might just be a total right off! But we only have about 1/2 an acre here, so we really can’t afford to just give up on a crop and reseed it somewhere else. Luckily, a couple hours of contemplative hand weeding isn’t the worst thing for me.  But still, I think it might be time I invested in a flame weeder…

In other exciting news around the farm, the strawberries and raspberries are looking pretty super loaded…

and I’d say the garden is looking pretty full of potential abundance too!

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We had our first market of the year last weekend! We rounded up a beautiful mix of over wintered goodies from the root cellar and super early fresh greens out of the hoophouse. It was a good warm up run for us as we are gearing up for a big market season ahead! We’ll be busy on the farm getting everything planted in the gardens and we’ll be ready for you at at the Cottonwood market in June (and then at Baker Street on Wednesday when that starts up). Until then we may have a few small harvests here and there and some spring produce for sale, so stay tuned!



Wow, things are just great. Spring is springing, the seedlings are growing, the green house is almost fully planted and we are STOKED. Saturdays have been become an un-official farm day around these parts. Today marks the longest work day of the season so far. It was glorious. We checked a nice amount off the list today. Check out some of our adventures from the past few weeks.

Potting up tomatoes

IMG_8453      IMG_8454

Green house happenings

IMG_8421     IMG_8508

IMG_8509 IMG_8510IMG_8629

Needy seedlings and the kitchen table/farm office 😉

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Seeding spinach and tying raspberry canes

IMG_8660 IMG_8681

Sweeping the garden and pounding poles for the pea trellis

IMG_8682 IMG_8683

Seed refill and a big ole bucket of over winter parsnips – fresh from the garden TODAY!

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