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Wow, things are just great. Spring is springing, the seedlings are growing, the green house is almost fully planted and we are STOKED. Saturdays have been become an un-official farm day around these parts. Today marks the longest work day of the season so far. It was glorious. We checked a nice amount off the list today. Check out some of our adventures from the past few weeks.

Potting up tomatoes

IMG_8453      IMG_8454

Green house happenings

IMG_8421     IMG_8508

IMG_8509 IMG_8510IMG_8629

Needy seedlings and the kitchen table/farm office 😉

 IMG_8567 IMG_8468  

Seeding spinach and tying raspberry canes

IMG_8660 IMG_8681

Sweeping the garden and pounding poles for the pea trellis

IMG_8682 IMG_8683

Seed refill and a big ole bucket of over winter parsnips – fresh from the garden TODAY!

IMG_8684 IMG_8685


It’s still that time of year…

Oh hey friends,   Erica here. Kate is busy out in the garden harvesting everything. Ok, not everything, but things sure are piling up.  Check out the harvest shed this week.

Aug 18-15


There’s garlic and onions, potatoes, tomatillos, leeks, peppers, & apples just to name a few. That wheel in the foreground is Kate’s new wheel hoe. She got it for her BIRTHDAY. Her birthday was 2 days ago. Here’s a little peak of us outside of farming ;).

Aug 18-12

Just kidding, we dressed up as our “older” selves for Kate’s birthday. Well, stay tuned for more fun on the farm.