What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a model of small scale farming in which eaters and growers work together  in a direct relationship. This relationship can take many forms, but generally it consists of eaters becoming CSA “members” or “shareholders” by making a financial investment in the farm. The grower in turn commits to providing food specifically for those members. Members support the farm by paying a set fee in the early spring, when farmers need the capital most, and then receive a share of the harvest throughout the growing season.  This way growers know that they will have a market for their produce and community members know they will have access to fresh produce directly, which reduces costs and waste for everyone.

To us, CSA means more than just a vegetable delivery program; it is a relationship that we believe is essential to local food security and is a philosophy at the core of everything we do on the farm.  We want to know that we are supported by the community around us, rather than relying on speculative markets or an abstract, far away consumers. We want to know where our food is going, just as much as you want to know where it is coming from.  CSAs are a way for eaters and growers to share the risks of small scale agriculture, but more importantly they are a way for us all to connect and support each other through healthy, sustainable food.

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