A New Year!

Here is a much overdue update on the upcoming season. It’s hard to even compare this year with last, as at this time last year I was busy seeding in the greenhouse and already planning the CSA crops. The farm is still so deep in snow that the sight of bare soil seems a long long way off!

There’s something about a working farm covered in snow that is really different to me than other snowy landscapes – like I can feel that the land is actually resting. I’ve been resting too. This winter has been filled with reading, crafting, organizing, dreaming, skiing, and of course lots of cooking and eating. The greenhouse has been mostly frozen solid, but the new root cellar has been providing!

I’ve been working lots off the farm too and making the gradual transition to living in town. This was my last season at Tulaberry, and in 2017 I’m taking a year off from farming. I’m going to focus on growing my own little family (surprise! for many of you ), and hopefully finding the right place to settle in and start a new farming endeavor in the future.

I promise I’ll be back to growing veggies (and hopefully more!) in the Nelson area soon. In the meantime, a great new farmer and family is moving in to the little house at the farm. So the gardens will continue, and you will still find Tulaberry produce at the Baker Street market in Nelson and at the Kootenay Coop. The new farmers aren’t planning on running a CSA program this year, but if you are looking for a similar box program I can recommend some other farmers around here who are.


I sure will miss living and growing in this sweet little place!


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