Introducing the 2016 season…and Erica Breau!

The seeds are arriving in the mail, the greenhouse is starting to come alive, and we’re drawing up crop plans and seeding schedules. It’s just barely February, but around here the growing season starts long before the snow is gone.


Things are changing just a little this year, and I thought you might want to stay in the loop. First of all, my room-mate and longtime pal and garden helper extraordinaire Erica will be jumping a bit more on board. Actually, a whole lot more on board! This means things will probably be getting a little tidier, more organized, more productive, and a lot sillier around here.

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Secondly, we will be back in regular attendance at the Wednesday market in Nelson. We will be selling a variety of vegetables, strawberries and raspberries, as well as Judi’s famous raspberry juice.  This change in focus means I will be scaling back the CSA for this year. A limited number of weekly produce boxes will still be available over a shorter season. Read more about that here.

Hoe Down without the CSA?? Somehow the term CSA has become synonymous with a weekly box program, but the meaning of this model is much broader than that. Even if we are planning most of our sales through the market at this point, I still like to consider us a form of Community Supported Agriculture;  we are totally relying on our local community (you!) to directly support us, regardless of our distribution method. We sell a small amount to the Kootenay Co-op, and even that feels like pretty direct community support. None of our produce is being shipped out of this region to customers we could never know (and who could never know us!).

So we are still Hoe Down CSA, and you can show your support for us, and all the other local farmers, by shopping at the markets in Nelson!

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