Last but not least

Sometimes I think I sound like a one woman show, but let me assure you I am not! First of all, the owners of Tulaberry, Alex and Judi, help me enormously with advice, equipment, muscles, and just the opportunity to live and farm here.    And then, a super huge THANK YOU is due to all the  friends and family who stopped by to help out at some point this season (well, maybe they stopped by for other reasons, but they definitely ended up helping).  An hour of weeding, an afternoon digging potatoes,  a whole week of odd jobs – every little bit is so appreciated. It’s so great to have friends with different skills and interests who are willing to lend a hand and keep things interesting around here.

We didn’t catch everyone in action, but here’s a few.

Extra special thanks to my apprentice Katie, who stuck around for four months, worked super hard, filled our house with laughter and great tunes, and really helped me keep my sanity.

June 16-2015-3

and last, but definitely not least (I think I could even say MOST), I wouldn’t have been able to pull this off without this girl. Thanks for keeping the flowers alive, making the endless compost hauling bearable,  and teaching me how to take breaks.

June 16-2015-6

and now it’s time to put down the hoe, pick up the frisbee, and head to Mexicoooooo!


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