and then it was over! well, almost…

This Autumn has been long and beautiful and conveniently (but more than a bit worrisomely) dry. Things have been steadily wrapping up on the farm, and though I welcome the major seasonal change that’s right around the corner, I’ve already caught myself daydreaming about growing again next summer –  a good sign I think!

The last CSA box went out a few weeks ago, and it was a super load of roots and alliums and the beautiful fall greens that just kept coming.

Kales greens

Erica and I have been working hard clearing all the beds, adding compost, and tucking the garden away under mulch for the winter.

carrots  (2 of 6)                       I’m trying out a cover crop of winter rye on some beds too. So far it looks great!

Garlic (1 of 3)Garlic planting is one of my favourite Fall jobs, and it was so great to finally be able to plant from my own stock, keep enough for the year, and even share some with you. There should be even more next year!

Garlic (2 of 3)        Garlic (3 of 3)

and now that the frosty mornings have definitely arrived the final fall harvests are fully underway. The root cellar is STOCKED with potatoes, beets, parsnips, leeks, a few hopeful cabbages and just enough turnips for the lucky connoisseurs around here (I think that might only be me). oh, and of course carrots.

carrots  (3 of 6) carrots  (1 of 6)

If there was anything I really got right this year, I think it was carrots!



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