It’s THAT time of year again

Well I went away for a few days at the beginning of July and I feel like I’m STILL playing catch up. But maybe that’s just how July is…


It’s that time of year again…

I remember a few years ago my friend Anne telling me how she opened her front door one day (and the next day and the next day) to a little pile of cucumbers from her landlady. “Oh, it’s THAT time of year again”.  I usually find myself thinking the same several times throughout the season…when I find a huge load of runaway zucchini, or when the cabbages in the rootcellar seem to multiply, or when the boxes of overripe canning tomatoes start piling up.

Sometimes, the bounty of a certain crop feels so overwhelming that it’s easy to forget that I planted it, that I’ve been weeding and caring for it ever since precisely because I WANT all this produce. A bountiful harvest is something to be celebrated, not stressed about!

Because there’s plenty of struggles and crop failures and natural farming “disasters” that are much more worth stressing about. And because, pretty soon, THAT time of the year is over, and the peas have to be ripped out and there will be no more fresh sugar snap peas until next year. This is the trap of farming; before one season has even really passed I’m already making plans for how the next one could be better. I already have my sights on next year’s peas!


It’s also this time of year!

But so far, I’ve never had the feeling of being burdened with too much garlic, and harvesting and hanging it to cure is one of my favourite times of the farming season. The garlic has been in the ground the longest (since last year!) and is the first of the storage crops to be harvested. Seeing the whole harvest at once, hanging from the rafters every time I leave the house, feels so good.


Erica made a quick stopover between firefighting calls, just in time to help us out.


We’ve been so lucky to have so many helping hands pass through lately. We generally prefer helpers with fantastic hair and awkward facial expressions.

IMG_0503 IMG_0506

Most recently, my mom and dad came from Vancouver. Parents make great farm guests. They ate the ugly vegetables, helped me stock my freezer, and kept working even while I was sick in bed!


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