Oh my, here comes July!

The formula for July survival seems to be: water the garden before the sun is up, hide in the shade at the river all day, water the garden again when the sun goes down. Don’t worry, somewhere in there we’ll still find time to harvest and deliver your vegetables.

June 25The first spring crops are out (and eaten!) and have been reseeded with the next succession of salad and herbs as well as beets and carrots for the Fall and Winter.

June 25-2

What to do with all those garlic scapes?! So far we have put them in soup, stir fry, quiche, salad dressing, refried beans, meatloaf, cabbage rolls…anywhere we can! One year I made spicy scape pickles (and it may come to that again this week), and over at the other house Clair turned a whole bin into what I hear is an intensely delicious scape pesto. Most recently I added them to a big batch of kimchi with the last of the napa cabbage, salad turnips, and radishes.


In the end, I’d say we more or less won the battle against the cabbage worms!

June 25-3


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