It’s on!

Even though we’re already a few months in, only now that CSA deliveries have started does it really feel like the farm season has begun! Here’s what we’ve been up to in the past couple weeks…

June 16-2015-3  June 16-2015

We harvested and distributed the first (and second) harvest box of the season!

June 16-2015-9June 16-2015-10

We picked the first ripe tomato! And the first cucumber is coming soon!

June 16-2015-12

Alex and Judi installed drip irrigation in the greenhouse, which is AMAZING! and Katie and I got all the beds in there weeded and mulched. These are some seriously happy plants.
June 16-2015-3 June 16-2015-4 June 16-2015-5

I had a surprise visit from an old friend and we all picked copious amounts of dill. Sean mostly just entertained us with endless dill puns, all of which are too embarrassing to be shared here.

And just to be clear, Erica does a lot more around here than just taking pretty pictures…and she always looks good doing it!



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