A much belated and very important introduction!

Remember in the winter when I was looking for an apprentice to join me on the farm? Well, here she is! Meet Katie, number one farm apprentice around these parts. (go ahead, make the redhead joke now and get it over with).


So far her favorite things to do on the farm are playing in the sprinklers and transplanting infinite onions to perfection. But seriously, Katie is fantastic! A super hard worker and a great gal – I’m so happy to have her in the garden and living with us! She doesn’t know it yet, but sometimes she’ll be the one posting on here, and CSA members, you’ll see her face from time to time at pick-ups too.

In other news (Katie’s actually been here for a few weeks already, but these pictures are surprisingly recent –  I’m getting better!) onions and potatoes are in, as are the first crops of all the roots and brassicas, and we’re getting ready for the heat-lovers just as soon it seems safe out there.

hoedown-1 hoedown-10

The garden sometimes seems more white than green at this time of year, but I promise under all the row cover little plants are growing their hardest! Here’s the greenhouse in it’s last flush of greens before we start filling it with tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and cucumbers this week.

nd we had a visitor this week! All the way from the biiiiiig city, Anastasia came for a little “working” vacation – it’s the only kind we offer around here!


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