April Showers…

…we could use some more of those!

    I have mixed feelings about those convenient old gardener’s quips, but I’ve heard a few people say that when the Forsythia blooms it’s time to plant peas.  It seemed about right to me this year (and yes, I do also like my soil thermometer), so Erica and I planted peas peas peas –  shelling, snap, snow, and sweet peas!  And we’re pretty proud of the trellises we rigged up for them too!

howdoe howdoe-2

The garlic is getting greener and taller every day, and the first transplants of early cabbage are being helped along under quick hoops and plastic. The days have been bright and warm, but the nights are still pretty risky for these babies.

howdoe-12 howdoe-11  

Oh, and Happy Easter! (that’s about how far behind this post is). A few dear friends came by to show off their fancy hats and hunt for treasure in the raspberries…



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