mmmm spring!

Here we go….

This gentle, early spring seems to be here to stay, so the greenhouse is already fully seeded with early crops and lush new growth from some overwintered greens. My new little propagation room is a jungle of seedlings waiting for their place in the garden as soon as it’s ready, and I’m getting the first beds prepared for planting peas this week.

How Down-4

One of the hundreds of wonderful things about having my dear friend Erica move in with me at the farm this year is her beautiful photography skills. I can tell already this means more colourful and regular updates to share with you and less frustrating time spent by me trying to figure out (again!) how to get some questionable image from my phone to the computer to the internet…huh?  Thanks Erica!

How Down-5 How Down-3

PS. If you’ve joined the CSA for the 2015 season stay tuned for more logistical info coming in April. If you are interested in becoming a CSA member this year, and have not yet confirmed your spot, contact me asap as there are only a couple spaces remaining!


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