2015 Produce Shares Now Available!

Regardless of what the groundhog may have to say tomorrow, it is unbelievably already time to start thinking about this year’s garden. For me, that means getting my seed orders in and dreaming up garden plans. For seeds I mostly turn to High Mowing for 100% organic Non GMO  and very reliable seeds. I also love Johnny’s for quantities, and try to support the wonderful local seed producers at Stellar whenever I can. And as for garden planning, I’m pouring over last years scribbles and leaning heavily on my good friends Eliot Coleman, Steve Solomon, and Jean Martin Fortier to figure out how to get the most out of my space this year….which means more food for all of us!

 The 2015 veggie box program will be a lot like it was last year, but with room for a few more members and some minor improvements. I’m planning on growing a few new things and trying some different varieties to give you more of the stuff you love. I’m so grateful to all of you who jumped on board in the first year of this endeavour, and I’ve got lots of plans for making this next season even more delicious!

Check out the Produce Share page for all the details about the 2015 program.

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