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2015 Farm Apprenticeship

Are you interested in farming/gardening/homesteading but don’t know where to start? Joining an existing farm as an apprentice (or intern or farmhand or whatever they may call it) is a great way to get a thorough introduction to the world of small scale agriculture. I started my farming career as an intern through the CRAFT network in Ontario, and am constantly grateful for the hugely educational and rich introduction I was given in that framework (thanks Amy and Graeme!). Since then I have taken many courses and workshops to compliment my working experience with more scientific and technical education, but it was by fully immersing myself in a hands-on farm setting that really solidified my desire to pursue this lifestyle and prepared me to start my own business.

I am looking for someone with a serious interest in organic agriculture to learn and work with me at Tulaberry for the 2015 season.
Check out the details of the position here.


Jeff and Jorden were two of our all-star interns at OUR EcoVillage!